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Preserved Real Rose with Eternal Love Necklace,21.65" Lengthen Chain,Anniversary Birthday Valentines Gift for Wife Her Girlfriend Mom Women Grandma Daughter Sister on Mothers Day Wedding Day

Preserved Real Rose with Eternal Love Necklace,21.65" Lengthen Chain,Anniversary Birthday Valentines Gift for Wife Her Girlfriend Mom Women Grandma Daughter Sister on Mothers Day Wedding Day

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  • REAL ROSE: Rose is made of 100% real fresh roses. Decorate with hydrangeas and pearls. Because special technology makes it preservable for 3-5 years without watering and maintenance.
  • ANNIVERSARY GIFT: 24K gold necklace is made of 925 sterling silver, 21.65" adjustable extended chain, with no lead and nickel, no allergy. Great romantic rose flowers gift, Valentine's Day gift, Mother's Day gift, Birthday present, Wedding gift, Engagement gift. My loved ones are happy to have in every day.
  • BIRTHDAY GIFT: The pendant is inlaid with cubic zirconia, with the back engraved with "ETERNAL LOVE" to express the love for her/women/mom/wife/girlfriend/grandma/daughter. It is a totally worthwhile long-term investment.
  • VALENTINES GIFT: DOMEXI eternal rose box is written with the blessing "I love you with all my heart". The rose box can also store other jewelry to better protect them. It is also a perfect math for Living room, Bed room and Bathroom decoration.
  • ROSE GIFT SET: DOMEXI gifts set includes: 1 eternal ros + 1 heart-shaped necklace + 1 jewelry box +1 greeting card(with envelope) + 1 silver polishing cloth. This luxurious mystery gift will give her the most romantic surprise and happiness.

Product Description


  • LONG LIFESPAN & EASY TO CARE: can be kept for 5 years, no vase, no watering, no sunlight required,enjoy the feeling of flowerland every day.
  • POLLEN FREE: roses are pollen free, so even people with pollen allergies deserve to have them.
  • PERFECT FOR JEWELRY BOXES:Jewelry boxes with preserved roses are perfect for storing rings/necklaces/earrings/watches, etc.
  • INVESTMENT BENEFITS: the necklace is made of silver and will not turn green, making it more worthy of long-term ownership.

Eternal Real Rose perfectly solves the withering issue of fresh flowers. It has the advantage of long-term preservation of dried flowers without showing the dryness. And more natural and more textural than simulated flowers.

Each flower is handmade by artists. The unique nourishing method can keep the immortal flower for 3-5 years, so that you can see the loveliness of the flower every day.

Eternal Real Rose use cosmetic nutrient solution, flowers can keep fresh without odor and other substances release, natural creates healthy. People with pollen allergy are also worth having.

Beauty & Elegance:

Rose petals is 2.75-3.14 inches in diameter, decoration of Hydrangea and pearl, bring more beauty and elegance. And is also the perfect choice for home decoration.


“I love you with all my heart”, suitable for every present-sending circumstance,expressing your most special love for her.

Perfect protection:

Perfect protection: borosilicate glass cover, high temperature resistance, strong permeability, especially suitable for protecting flowers, and will not be covered by dust.

Gift & Packaging:

We present gift card and silver wiping cloth, exclusive packaging box of double protection, no need to worry about the friction and extrusion in the process of transportation.

The heart-shaped pendant with fashionable design is wrapped in amazing and shining zircon. The dazzling Necklace represents the most beautiful love.

Necklace is of low allergen, lead-free, nickel free and harmless to health. Eternal love is the best expression of lover.

21.65" Specially extended chain with adjustable length, more suitable for your bodytype.

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The Perfect Rose Necklace Gift

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